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How make Money Cake with Cricut?

How to Make the Money Cake with Cricut

Are you still worried that money is an inappropriate gift? Not anymore! Here is a fun and great idea for giving money - Money Cake!

Read this article or just warch our video tutorial:

So let's see how to do that Money Cake everyone will be happy with!


  • -Cricut tools
  • -Standard Grip Mat
  • -Glue
  • -Heavy Cardstock
  • FREE SVG -

If you like this tutorial - get Money Cake Bundle with 5 different designs -

Start by cutting out the designs (all the layers).

I recommend that the first step is to collect the design that will be on top of the cake. In this way, it will be easier for you to organize your space (especially if the design includes some small details).

Arrange all the details and group identical ones. Start layering and then gluing the parts to make the money cake more stable.

After gluing, details should look like this.

Take the cardboard strip which is basically a sturdy base and a single-hole circle. Push the strip through into the hole right to the foldable parts and then fold the bottom part of the strip.

Then glue the solid circle detail to the base.

The next step is to glue small pieces (on both sides)  to make the money cake more stable.

Take a 5-holes detail and push it through on the strip to the middle. Fix its position with small details that are left.

Glue your chosen design detail to the top of the strip.

Almost done!

Take bills, roll them into a tube, and stick them into each of the holes.

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