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Valentines Coloring Card Cricut Project

Valentines Coloring Card Cricut Project

Learn how to make this BEGINNER-friendly DIY Crayon Holder Valentine using your Cricut.

This craft is perfect as a gift or a fun activity for kids.


  • Cricut Lightgrip Mat
  • White heavy Cardstock (110 lbs)
  • Crayons
  • Cricut Pen (optional)

Let's do it!

Before we start - download our FREE Valentines Coloring Cards.

  1. Cupid Crayon Holder
  2. Dinosaur Valentines Day Coloring Card

Open Cricut Design Space and upload the SVG file (NOTE that you need to unzip your SVG first).

Ungroup the project

If you HAVE a printer: Select all layers besides the tabs, and press FLATTEN.

Then select all layers and press ATTACH. This way the card will be printed and then cut out. If you print then cut the card, turn the bleed function off.

If you DO NOT have a printer: Select all layers except tabs and press DRAW (Operations - Draw - Pen). Select all layers and press ATTACH. This way your card will be drawn and then cut out.

Click MAKE IT and follow the prompts on the screen.

Load white cardstock onto your mat Then, load the Cricut pen into cartridge A and the fine-point blade into cartridge B. Press Go.

Detach the card from the cardboard and add your crayons. 

Done! Have fun coloring these cards with your kids. Don't limit yourself to one postcard, cause there are more cool designs in the bundle!

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