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Sublimation Tumbler Files, Images, Vectors & Illustrations

It's no wonder that when you think of holidays and gifts, the first thing that comes to mind is a glass with an original print. Any print you choose will have a special relationship to the person to whom the gift is being prepared. Our unique products with the highest quality prints are only modern methods of applying images to the surface of the glass. Moreover, what pleases all our customers is comfort and convenience. All items will always be at your fingertips, whether it's the office or home environment.

Imprinting images on tumbler by means of sublimation printing or thermal transfer can become a surprisingly excellent advertising move, if you want to get a branded product for affordable money and in the shortest possible time. If you've been paying attention, you've probably noticed that all small and large businesses have their armored tumblers.

Quite an interesting fact, branding coffee or tea tumbler has a high success rate compared to other marketing strategies. A paper tumbler has great potential to generate interest in a brand. Graphics and content printed on it are more likely to be discussed, and the call to action will work.

Also some of the most wonderful tumblers used for sublimation are probably "chameleon tumblers" or "chameleon tumblers." They are also often and very rightly called "magic tumblers." Indeed, the first time you pour boiling water into such a tumbler, something mysterious and magical happens!

On an ordinary tumbler, like a magic wand, suddenly, as if by magic there is a photo of your loved one, a declaration of love or just a gentle word of greeting. These tumblers will serve as a great option for a gift on any holiday. Whether it's for a holiday to a close friend or a birthday party for your colleague.

Such a gift with careful handling will serve its owner for a very long time. You can have no doubt in the best quality of your gift.

Discover Tumbler Sublimation Ideas in Our Collections

Do you need quality sublimation on a custom tumbler? Our company, with great pleasure will perform this service, offering a completely new technology!  Sublimation of various patterns and designs is very popular for modern use, because everyone is pleased to drink their favorite drink from a tumbler which no one else has. All brands are trying to make their products unique, and we have for several years, we offer our customers the best and most unique designs. Thanks to this approach, you can show not only their individuality, but also the uniqueness of the products. On our website you can discover new prints on your favorite themes.

The range of designs for sublimation is constantly expanding and improving, because many have appreciated the quality, beauty and durability of such goods produced using this technology.

Why do customers choose our company?

  1. High-quality equipment. Print sublimation is made to order on high-quality equipment.
  2. Quality materials. Our team provides supplies from the best manufacturers from around the world.
  3. Competitive prices. The price of designs is the most favorable among the expanse of the Internet.

Tumbler Sublimation Designs and Templates for Free Download

Have you already gathered your thoughts that you want to order a glass with a unique print for a gift, but can't find a suitable print? In such cases, we advise you to visit our website where you will find a large number of designs on any subject. We have a lot of free prints on our web site, which you can download in such formats as SVG, PNG, DXF, and sometimes JPG, PDF, AI, or EPS files. After downloading a sublimation print, you can enjoy a high-quality and bright picture. We care about customers who are used to unusual designs and like something new and unusual, so we are sure you will find a print that you like and will be your favorite.

All you will need to create sublimation tumbler is:

  1. Printer filled with sublimation ink .
  2. Special sublimation paper or any special print for sublimation on mugs and tumbler.
  3. Thermopress for tumbler.
  4. Thermo adhesive tape .
  5. Druk tumbler (with a special coating for sublimation).

If you have long been involved in sublimations on various things, not only on such things as tumblers and cups, there will be nothing new for you in this list. For people who are not yet familiar with all the intricacies of such wonderful creativity of making things with SVG patterns, it will be easier to buy a ready-made cup with sublimation. Or buy any design and tumbler and give it to special people who work in this field. We give you the opportunity not to buy prints and various SVG templates for glasses, and download them for free from our website.

Visit our website and download free sublimation designs and templates right now. We're sure you'll love it one hundred percent! Discover all our sublimation designs: T-Shirt Sublimation, Mug Sublimation, Pen Sublimation, Can Glass, Freebies SVG, Embroidery Designs.