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4th of July

July 4, 1776 is considered one of the most important days in the United States!

Independence Day celebrations are legendary. And since the day is conveniently located in the middle of summer, small summer parties, such as a barbecue or a family picnic, are ideal for holding it. We will show you how you can celebrate the great independent on July 4 using themed decorations!

Fourth of July: So you celebrate a beautiful summer day!

While the Irish people are spending the time while celebrating a famous holiday - St. Patrick's Day and the Australians - Australia Day, July 4th is an important day for Americans. National Independence Day. Do you also want to have a nice summer party on Independence Day? Here are our ideas:
  • Deco kitsch with our BIG SVG BUNDLE, consisted of 21 high quality cut file, is authentic today: a cool country decor with typical US features and a country flag pattern shows what it is.
  • Highlight the event - check all our designs to find your great decoration!
  • You can also use the American flag, but be careful: the correct flag should not touch the ground!
  • Cool party tableware - as we said in a suitable design - is especially useful at garden parties or picnics: do not wash or break.
  • Include typical American motifs in your decorative painting, for example, famous works of art and buildings such as the Statue of Liberty, the rocky heads of the former USA. Great presidents you can see on Mount Rushmore.
  • Popular foods like hamburgers, popcorn, cool lemonade, etc.
  • Well-known allusions such as Route 66 or a yellow taxi, dollar bill or Uncle Sam.
  • Look for typical American dishes and drinks and include them in your menu.
  • Holiday-style sweets: Decorate your treats with sugar stars and American-style baking accessories, for example. Cupcake wrapper or american flag!

Our printable cliparts will make your holiday more fun!