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26 unrealistically unique Cricut Halloween handcrafts with us

26 unrealistically unique Cricut Halloween handcrafts with us


A stenciled table runner with your own hands is a great accessory for a Halloween atmosphere. The method to create it is very simple, you just need to apply a little paint on an already cut out stencil, then apply this stencil to the black table runner. And after that you will already have a cool table runner.

Halloween Cricut Ideas 

A Halloween pillow with a witch print 

This idea already sounds really fun, doesn't it?) The idea can easily be done with Cricut Maker, then cut the witch print silhouette of your choice out of any fabric using a cutting machine, namely a rotary knife or vinyl.

Banner with your favorite phrase with your hands

What do you think of a craft idea that doesn't require sewing?) We think this is a commonly used method for decorating your home. Using Cricut, you need to cut out the "trick or treat" lettering then apply it to the finished banner on the canvas.

Halloween Cricut Ideas 

Halloween Treat Bags 

An easy and cute treat bag with your own hands using Cricut Maker. The most important thing you need to do is dress up a set of simple canvas totes with vinyl stitching to create lots of cute treat totes! You can come up with the designs for your bags yourself or check out our website where there are lots of free SVG files to download.

Halloween style pillow for you

Incredibly cool pillows made by your hands and efforts are a great gift for loved ones. The principle of the inscription on the pillow and the design is exactly the same as with T-shirts. If you don't know how to surprise your loved ones, then Halloween style pillows will solve your problems perfectly! 

Halloween Cricut Ideas

Handmade soap dispenser for Halloween 

A decorated soap dispenser is a great addition to the atmosphere of your kitchen or bath on Halloween! All you need to do is add a festive pumpkin to your soap dispenser. That's it, you've made a festive pumpkin! 

Wooden box in the shape of a pumpkin

The idea itself sounds really good, especially this idea gives you the opportunity to decorate an ordinary wooden box into a cool Halloween item. To do this, you will need paint with which to paint the box, which you can put on your kitchen table, which will be the main attribute of your home this fall.

Halloween Cricut Ideas 

Decorating your kitchen cabinet for Halloween 

A great idea to decorate your old and boring kitchen cabinet. We suggest you cut out a few sets of eyeballs and glue them on the cabinet. Not only is it terribly easy, but it's also incredibly cool to accentuate your style and taste! 

Glass mercury jar for Halloween

Create a mercury jar for Halloween with your own hands, use mercury glass and the Pumpkins and Princesses video tutorial. It's a great spooky element to attract attention.

Halloween Cricut Ideas 

Carved classically pumpkins

Everyone knows that pumpkins are a staple element of Halloween. Simply well carved pumpkins will also look great and go well with other crafted fakes . Watch video tutorials on how to carve pumpkins correctly and beautifully online.

Decorated shoes for Halloween 

If you thought you could only decorate your clothes for Halloween, we'll tell you that you can't. After all, it is real to decorate your shoes, how to properly apply vinyl to your shoes, it is better to see a video clip on the Internet.

Halloween Cricut Ideas

Wooden DIY sign

This is a great idea we saw on the Country Chic Cottage website. We find it quite interesting, as it encourages people to start people making decorations with their own hands. 

Vinyl pumpkins with a better Cricut machine

If you are bored with the usual pumpkins and you want something new, then vinyl pumpkins are your savior, because with them you will definitely not be bored. And all thanks to the Cricut machine.

Halloween Cricut Ideas

Banner from felt 

Such an idea as a felt banner is very interesting and unusual. You can make a cool banner decorating it with cut out figures from felt. such as: spiders, pumpkins, witches and other funny faces. 

Unusual Pumpkin 

What about decorating an ordinary pumpkin with sprinkles of different colors? You do not have to take only black sprinkles, you can use them in different colors. Such a pumpkin has created its own coziness to your apartment. 

Halloween Cricut Ideas

Decorating for your entrance porch at home

Ghost kelp using a Cricut machine to cut these ghosts. This is a great idea for decorating your porch on Halloween night! 

A wall of plates for Halloween

A great idea to decorate an annoying wall that has been annoying you for a long time for Halloween. Inexpensive vinyl dinnerware comes to the rescue, this idea can cost you absolutely nothing. After all, you can download free SVG files for cutting. No one will be able to pass by such a wall. After all, investing a little bit of your love and time you will get a wonderful element of your room.

We hope this article was very helpful to you and that you will decorate your homes in the fun ways with our Halloween SVG Cut Files collection!

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